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i have Asus P8 H61-M LX3 Plus R2.0 Mobo. i want to know if Asus GTX 660 DC II will fit to my MOBO.? because i see the Asus GTX 660 Dimension has 9.5'' length..? and also i want to know if GTX 660 non ti is a good graphics card for hardcore gaming?
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  1. As long as it has a PCI-e 3.0, it will fit, the only problem is, does the gpu fit your case seeing that you are using a small form factor mobo. and no gtx 660 is not for hardcore gaming. GTX 660 ti is a good choice. Or if you want buy amd 7850/7950. But again, I am not sure if your cpu will bottleneck your gpu
  2. i have i5 3570 non k. . 8GB ram Kingston HyperX 1600. Yes GPU will fit my Case im just worried about the size of GTX 660 because its too long for my Mobo and might block the sata port in my mobo. im planning to buy GTX 660 or higher if i can afford the price.
  3. use/get a 90 degree sata cable, it would be better. and for future reference, get a board that has the sata ports facing the side of the mobo (90 degree).

    not everyone pays attention to mobo layout, but they are important, can save some head ache
  4. Any dual slot card will be fine.
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