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Hi :)
I got a little problem with my new cpu and my monitor.The trouble is that i can't make the monitor work!.
The cpu have a Dvi-d female and my monitor have a VGA and a Dvi-d female.I have a normal VGA male to VGA male cable and i used an adapter(Dvi-d male to Vga female)and i connected to the vga to vga cable,having a cable now with vga male and Dvi d male.I connected the VGA male of the cable to the vga female of the monitor and the Dvi-d male of the cable to the cpu Dvi-d female and it didn't worked :cry:

Why it didn't work? and it would work if i use another Dvi-d male to Vga female adapter, and put it in the cable having only dvi-d males and connect them to the dvi-d female in the monitor instead of the vga female and the other Dvi-d male to the cpu dvi-d female.

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  1. DVI-D is only digital VGA is analog, connectors have to be DVI-I (most GPU's) to carry both signals! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_Interface
  2. Thanks for the answer.
    My GPU connector is DVI-D,so can you tell me if i can make the monitor work with a cable with DVI-D males,one connected to the DVI-D female in the monitor and the other in the DVI-D female of the GPU?

  3. If you have DVI (most have the DVI-I) connector on the monitor then it will work with a DVI-D or I cable
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