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I had sort of an odd question. I just ordered 2 Sapphire Radeon 5770s from TigerDirect refurbished, and I assume they work fine. I was just wondering about the included Molex to 6-pin connectors. I though the connectors regularly had two molexs on one end and the 6-pin on the other. The ones in the box only had a molex on one end and the 6-pin on the other. I was just wondering.

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  1. I have seen both but my last sapphire adapter was for a single Molex and worked just fine!
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    I also have seen both, never used.

    For a low wattage card like the 5770 you should be fine. I wouldn't use a single molex adapter if I'm trying to power a high wattage card like the 6950.
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