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Which card is best?

Im upgrading my friends computer.

I dont know what computer he has specifically. It is an E-machinces with a integrated graphics card at the moment. He has a 350w power supply but ill probably install a 600w cooler master for him when he buys a new card. The two cards he is deciding are

if you could give me a choice between the two with explanation that would be great.

Also, if you tell me between the two but also have an extra option that would be cool too. Budget it under 100 preferably but could go to 150 if needed.

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  1. also i should say he plays halflife and likes to watch movies.
  2. They are the same cards lol, i think you posted the wrong link. If he wants any higher end cards he might need to upgrade his psu.
  3. 9800gt, however this doesn't suppport direct x 11
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    For your friend's computer, emachines are pretty bottom line. But then again, he's only playing half-life and that doesn't require much at all now days.

    Out of the two I would go with the GT 520 because it has DX11 and is probably more effective with energy consumption.

    If you are going for the 520 you won't need a 600 watt power supply. You could do just fine with an antec earthwatt psu rated at 380 watts it is also a 80+ bronze, which means that it is much more efficient than lots of other cheapo power supplies out there. It cost about $40.00 (us dollars) with free shipping.

    Antec has another power supply on It cost 65.00 but comes with a 15.00 dollar rebate with 2.99 for shipping. It is a 80+ certified psu and is rated at 550 watts. It would handle a very decent card if he felt like upgrading in the future.

    Any way, I would go with the 520 (based on the two choices), but if I could choose one I would go with this one.

    It has a lot of good features and would do very well in a budget system like your friend's.
    It costs about 75.00 dollars plus 7.00 shipping.

    hope this helps
  5. As for that 520 card on Tiger Direct, never, EVER, EVER depend on getting a rebate from anybody.
  6. So true. I probably didn't even need to mention the rebates because there always unreliable. At least in my case.
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