NZXT hale82 850m fan noise

Anyone have experience with the NZXT hale82 850 with the ad1212hb-a70gl cooling fan in it. I recently purchased this PSU and the fan seem way too loud. Much louder than any other 120mm i have a full throttle. Im running and antec 900 and also have 2 coolermaster blademasters. I would simply assume there is a problem with this fan but it is a smooth noise simply loud. I wouldnt want to RMA the psu just to find out thats the way its supposed to sound. Also does anyone know if the fan is controlled by temp or load? I read a review stating it was load but of course cannot find it again.
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  1. RMA that *** dawg it's defective, might turn yo pc into ghetto sauce.
  2. does tom's hardware support a translator ? I can't find a comparable language to translate on google

    btw why didn't you go with the HALE90 instead ?
  3. At the time of purchase the price was not as close as they are atm. Had i known the hale90 would only be another 30dollars any time soon i would have gone for it. At the time it seemed to be the best price/goodies ratio out there. And efficiency was never very high on my list plus the HALE82 is said to have very good voltage regulation wich is something i was looking for to keep a stable overclock. Believe me if i knew about the fan i would have gotten anything but this one. Its bad.
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