Which PSU should I pick?

Replacing PSU because my corsair 550vx died out. It's well within warranty period, but shipping costs would mean it's cheaper to buy a new one.

Can you guys recommend which one I should go with from the ones below? I'm looking for 550-700w , upto 55GBP budget.

coolermaster 550w

Powercool 750w

corsair 600w cx

ocz zs 650w

ocz stealth xstream2 600w

700w ver.

I'm very sceptical about Corsair right now, because the psu that died out on me is Corsair product that I bought around 2.5 yrs ago. So much for 5 yrs warranty.... -_-
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  1. Yes ^^ the OCZ one is very good.
  2. Corsair 650 or 750.
    Sold tons of em and none have come back yet.
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