Is this card compatible with my pc

hi i im planning to buy a hd 5670 for my pc here are the specs: intel core2duo e7400 2.8ghz cpu,intel g41 motherboard,2gb ddr2 ram, 450w power supply,windows 7 ultimate os what you think will hd5670 work for me and im gonna play all games on 1600x900 resolution guys help me out im confused to buy it or not and if not suggest me any other graphic card please help.
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  1. Yep, it should work. I'd recommend getting more RAM, though (not sure if that's possible).
  2. thanks and what about hd 5770 will this be good for me and sorry for my bad english
  3. We need more info about your PSU, what is brand? model?
    If you want to play at 1600x900 then you must get more than HD5670, HD5770 is good enough to play most of games with decent setting at 1600x900. But again, we must know what is exactly your PSU...

    Motherboard? more specific, please... :)
  4. i dont know much about my psu(if there is any way to know the brand and other information about my psu tell me) but motherboard is intel DG41RQ
  5. and also im having intel g41 express chipset onboard please tell me whats the difference in perfomance between them 2x or 4x
  6. The PSU should have a label on the side.
    2x and 4x what?
  8. for the 2x and 4x i meant to say that i have g41 express chipset onboard what will be the perfomance difference between intel g41 chip and hd 5670
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    Well, you'll go from zero gaming performance to a little :D more than 4x, I think.
    ^+1 on the 5770. That's the cheapest decent card imo.
  10. thanks just what i wanted to hear :D what about hd 5770 is this compatible with my pc :??:
  11. thanks mate and im expecting to play games at high settings :D what you think which one of these cards i should buy
  12. If the 5670 is, yes.
  13. Well, you still haven't told us your resolution. Unless it's 1280x1024, neither of these will be able to handle that. You'll need something like a 6850 or a 460.
  14. resolution is 1600x900
  15. im not gonna play them at highest settings possible just from mid to high settings
  16. Still.
  17. ok then and thanks for the help :(
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