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I just got my copy of battlefield 3, now correct if my wrong but if anyone can run bf3 on ultra settings they can run any game same goes for crysis 1 before. So here's the thing i upgraded almost my whole rig just for this game and i got a bit disappointed. My Gtx 560 ti OC was fine, it could run on high but no AA, Ultra But x2 AA only <- but this is when i pumped my Core clock to 950mhz

My question is, will increasing the voltage of my GPU wear down my video card faster? does leaving the voltage on stock and upping the core clock from 900mhz to 950mhz fine in terms of GPU lifespan or durability? The memory clock btw is also at stock did not touch it. My temps did increase without adding voltage but not by much. I tried putting the voltage to 1050v but that made the temps go crazy.

I understand my video card is not really meant to play this game at full settings but i just want to get my upgrades worth it. My other specs are

1920x1080 monitor
i5-2400 - i dont even know if it turbo boosts on this game :pfff:
4gig of ram
750w PSU

another reason why i ask this is because in the future maybe this Christmas, ill sell this video card for a gtx 570. And if i do overclock it, im worried that its value will decrease. Can people find out if i overclocked it or not? :o

Thanks a million guys sorry for being such a noob. :(
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  1. 950 MHz is a nice OC, the 1 Ghz will be pushing the GPU to it's limits and you might experience some issues (Crashing, BSODs, Freezes). And yes OCing and tweaking your GPu fans to high spinning reduce their lifetime.

    Anyway if you do wanna get the 1 GHz you'll have to up the voltage to 1150mv as some reviews stated but i would also try lower than that and see how it's going.

    Note: check your CPU temps and don't mess up with voltages too high.
  2. yea, but can 950mhz as a small overclock, still wear down my GPU? or is it as good as stock core clock?
  3. Yes, it will reduce the lifespan, but not badly. The card will probably be obsolete before it dies.
  4. ^Exactly.
  5. no guys, im not planning to keep it i would want to sell it by Christmas to get an upgrade thats why im very worried it will wear out just by a small overclock :(
  6. I have installed 8 560 Ti's factory OC'd to 900 MHz.....each one of them went to 1000Mhz....only one required a minimal voltage bump, rest worked at stock voltages. If it's got the over sized cooler can maintain temps topping out at 82C under OCCT's GPU test, I don't think ya have anything to worry about.
  7. Well mine is an Gigabyte 560 ti, and its already stocked overclocked. is 82c safe temp? mine almost reached 90 on furmark burn test :(

    btw do you recommend keeping it at 950mhz and no voltage increase as my everyday setting?
  8. doesnt that only go for EVGA card? im just worried once i sell this card the person i sold it to will complain how worn and torn it is, so im hoping a small 50ghz bump will not do much damage :(
  9. Quote:
    LOL gpu's do not get worn and torn.
    They will just die if it's too much.
    Believe me you have nothing to worry about.

    This is what im looking for, thanks sir 384-BiT ive seen you in most of my posts you have been very helpful :)
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