Will a HAF X case fit 2 6950s?

Unfortunately nowhere near my desktop right now so can't just open it up and check but want to order another 6950.
Also, I have an 850 PSU, that should be able to handle the 2 6950s, an i5-760 CPU and all the small stuff, right?
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  1. Yes it should fit if your motherboard allows it
  2. You'd be hard pressed to find a configuration that the HAF-X wouldn't fit.
  3. Ah yes, MOBO is an ASUS P7P55D-E Pro, should be ok.
    The PSU is Corsair, not some cheapo brand =)
  4. You'll be fine then. Good luck on the Crossfire though.
  5. ^ Hm? From what I've read it seems like it should work relatively well...
  6. Most of them do, its just the few of them that don't. Hope your not unlucky that's all.
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