Crucial and Micron Memory Question.

Crucial, a division of Micron, sells the 128meg/pc133 stick for about $58 bucks. Cyberpower has Micron for $37 bucks plus $6 shipping. Both CL3. Shouldn't they be the same or are special ones designed for Crucial? are they worth $15 more in you'alls opnion?
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  1. Micron memory is Micron chips on a no-name PCB, Crucial is Microm chips on a Micron PCB. The PCB is just as important as the chips that are on them. Don't cut corners on memory. Crucial is guaranteed to work in your system. It is the best value in memory out there, and definitely worth the extra $15.
  2. Hey listen to what the first reply to your post said. "DONT CUT CORNERS ON RAM" Trust me I did and I got the screwing over of a computer lifetime. I seen a advertisement "PC-100 Micron Ram for just so and so dollars" Cheapest I had seen anywhere at that time. Ordered 128 megs of that "junk" ram, stuck it in my system and wha-la, crash bang boom anytime I placed a load on my system whether it was graphics, downloading or file transfering. It turned out to be a 4 layer PCB not 6 or 8 like it should have been, and the so called "Micron" ram was nothing more then 1 micron memory chip stuck on this thin PCB with a bunch of other cheap junked out memory chips. It just all around sucked, that stick of ram was only going to be as fast as the slowest weakest memory chip on the PCB. Sorry for sounding negative but I really dont want to see anyone else go thru the aggravation and embarrasment that I went thru a couple of years back! Best of luck on your decision, like in that one Indiana Jones movie the Last crusade when he was supposed to pick the right cup from all the hundreds of others in the room! WHat did the old man Guardian say "CHOOSE WISELY, CHOOSE WISELY"

    Warb the Snap
  3. thanks for the heads up!
  4. Don't forget that most companies charge at least $10 for shipping where as ships it free. So, in reality it's only $5 more. Maybe less.

    -MP Jesse
  5. I know one guy who cut corners on the whole PC - on every component you name, some pop-and-mom shop assembled this pity of the dread for him.

    Poor guy! He had enough lockups, reboots, bluescreens, OS reinstallations by now that may be he cursed the day he've got an idea to buy this junk.

    I bought a Dell box, some upgrades - RAM - twice (Crucial), videoboard - twice (Diamond, ELSA) and CD-R during 3-years I have it.

    Not a single problem. Ever.


    It's a safe way.

  6. Why anyone would buy Cas3 from Crucial when Cas2 is about the same price from them is beyond me!

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  7. Crucial sounds good but will it be ok to get the pc133 cas 2 if I am going to run it with the pc100 cas3 I now have? It will have to all run at cas3 right? I've read where the 133 and 100 can be run together but I don't know about compatibility running cas 2 and cas 3 together. Will it work ok? thanks
  8. Yes, you can run them together as long as it is set at 100MHz and Cas3 so the slower memory won't crap out. Better yet, get a 256MB stick of Cas2 and I'll buy the old PC100 from you for one of my refurbs!

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  9. BH6 Manual lists max stick to be 128 with total population of 384. Crucials memory chart for bh6 did not list 256 meg choices either. Is this a case of chart following mb guidelines or is it possible 256 won't run in this board. Im running the older bh6/celeron600/927 with 103fsb. At 112 I see 1008 on post screen then get "cpu has changed or is unworkable" Is that from pc100@112? Best guess appreciated.

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  10. That chipset SHOULD support 256MB, but there might be a BIOS problem or a motherboard design issue (although I can't think of how a design issue could be the limmiting factor, and the newest BIOS should support the full size allowed by the chipset). Crucial will follow the recomendations of manufacturers. If you can find any 256MB modules to test out on it, I would try that first. Or you could get 2 128MB modules. I'll stil buy the old stuff from you if you want to sell it!

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  11. Thanx for the info and the offer. I'll get in touch when I upgrade if I sell the old stick. Need to pay some bills and save up a little more mad money first!

    <b><i>"Bad advice is expensive, Good advice is priceless"
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