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Hello, I am looking to buy a new graphic card. I am looking to run battlefield 3 so I need some advice on graphic card. I want to get one of the gtx 560 or 560TI. I am willing to spend around 250. Please help me what is the best 560 or 560ti I can pick
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  1. 560ti always, it has more shaders :)
  2. What is the resolution you would be playing on?
    If you intend to play on 1920x1080, then I would recommend getting the 560Ti instead. It also overclocks nicely into 570 territory with very manageable temperatures. Below 1080p, the 560 is a very good choice. Both are very good cards.
    If you can wait a little longer, there will be a new 560Ti coming out soon which uses the 570/580 core.
    Note: the 560Ti will struggle some what on Ultra for Battlefield 3 on 1080p.
  3. I have had great experiences (1000+MHz OC's) with this card:

    ASUS ENGTX560 TI DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5 - $230 after MIR
  4. the 560ti is faster.
  5. Well I guess I will get the 560ti. Can someone give me few links of goodbones to buy and when is the new 560ti coming out? and i would like to runt he game on higher resolutions
  6. well i would like to play around the 1920x1080 resolutions and do you know when is the new 560 TI coming out? and around what will be the price?
  7. No more info about the release date but it will be within these 2 months, and yes you'll be able to max out some games such as DXHR, BFBC2, Mafia II, BF3...

    The Asus Direct CU II recommended above is a good choice, also i would recommend the Twin Frozer II
  8. what you think about this graphic card? would this be better than the Twin Frozer II? and is there any site i can read about the new graphic card?
  9. and what is it mostly that i will would want to look at that the card is fast?
  10. You can always google the GPU before you buy, most of the purchases go to the Twin Frozer II, the HAWK is superclocked to 950 MHz, you can achieve that clocks easily with the twin Frozer ii.
  11. can you explain to me how do i overclock ?
  12. konrad112 said:
    can you explain to me how do i overclock ?

    For GPU overclocking, you usually use software to do it. These programs are usually bundled together with your installation CD when you purchase a new GPU. If not you can just download them, there are many online. Such examples include; MSI Afterburner (one of my favourite), EVGA Precision, etc. Most third-party brands have their own GPU OC programs.
    Once you've the programs installed (the program automatically detects your GPU make and model), it is just a matter of raising the base values such as core clock and shader clock. This is all (mostly) done using a drag and pull bar or a box where you can insert specific values. After that, it is just a matter of testing ; running games, or high graphic applications to test for stability. Most of the times, given you do not mess with the voltage settings, GPU OCing is safe with the limit of OCing safely within your card's limit.
    GPU OCing is perhaps one of the easiest and safest form of OCing. But, make sure you keep an eye out for the cores temperature (usually shown in the program). Also, try OCing only when you need to. Programs like MSI's Afterburner allow you to set different profiles making it easier.
    Note: AMD includes the Overdrive feature in their Catalyst Control Centre, thus no need for any other programs.
    Hoped it helps. ;)
  13. Thanks it did. i still need to decide what graphic card i am buying. is it possible someomne can give me few more choices and what is best? thanks
  14. konrad112 said:
    Thanks it did. i still need to decide what graphic card i am buying. is it possible someomne can give me few more choices and what is best? thanks

    Oh, yeah was supposed to get back on that. Since you are gaming on 1080p, the 560Ti seems to suit you the best and it's overclockability means it is quite future-proof. Although, I'm not too sure of the price, they vary by brand and time.
    Two situations:
    1. If your budget allows, I would recommend going for the 560Ti but make sure your PSU can power it. a good 500w and above would do fine.
    2. If your budget does not, the 560 is the one to go for. It may be weaker but still a darn solid card which won't let you down.
    And yes, I realise your budget is 250$ but, this is in case you want to spend less and keep that hard earned cash of yours on other things.

    When it comes to overclocking, both card fare quite well. Even if you choose not to, that's ok, they're still good and will haul considerable workloads. But, keep in mind, the 560Ti is known for being OC friendly.

    Regarding the newer core 560Ti, I would suggest letting that one go. The price, when just released, may be out of your budget and there is no concrete release date yet.

    Conclusion? With your budget and resolution, all signs point toward the 560Ti.

    P.S. If you have an SLi ready motherboard, bang put any of those in a pair on watch it fly. Oh, and sorry for the long post. :D
  15. Well my PSU is 680 so i should be good for most graphic cards. i finally have 2 i like.


    what do you think would be better and what are chances i can overclock it or do anything more with it?
    i dont mind the long posts they help a lot and explain everything so i am really happy :P
    so i just need help now picking one of the cards. and than you again!
  16. amuffin said:
    560ti always, it has more shaders :)

    Not "always". Below 1920x1080 its 9% extra speed is unnoticeable. Might as well save the $30-$50.

    I tried both an EVGA GTX 560 Ti FPB (850 Mhz) and an EVGA GTX 560 SC (also 850 Mhz). On a 1680x1050 with a Phenom II X4 955 I could tell no difference in the current RPGs that I play. In some graphically demanding shooter it might make a difference to some, but that's questionable.

    I kept the cheaper card.
  17. Pick the cheapset, and they both will have good overclocking ability.
  18. one has 2GB and the other has 1GB does the 1GB extra really make any different?
  19. The 2 GB won't make a much difference.
    here;s the 1 GB version.
  20. or can you guys give me some other choices i can pick from?
  21. what radean graphic card is also on the level of the 560 TI?
  22. 6950
  23. konrad112 said:
    one has 2GB and the other has 1GB does the 1GB extra really make any different?

    The 2GB version is theoretically supposed to perform better in higher resolutions (1080p and above) but this has not always been true. Some times it is game specific, some type of games will benefit more from a larger video memory. Namely sandbox and open world games; GTA 4, Just Cause 2 and such where stuff like draw distance is concerned.
    Other than that, there isn't much of a noticeable difference except maybe bragging rights.
    The price difference between the 2 versions isn't much (5$ before rebate) which means you can easily go for the 2GB one without breaking too much of the bank (already past your budget) :na:
    Finally, different brands tend to put different designation with the same model of cards. You've chosen MSI's Hawk and Twin Frozr II series. It isn't just the memory module which is different. The Hawk series is supposed to be MSI's higher range; offering a factory OC (which you can choose to push further) and a better heatsink (lower temperatures). Being a higher range, logic will tell you it commands a slightly higher price.
    Nevertheless, both the Twin Frozr and Hawk are a good series to put your money into when you have it; others being Asus' Direct CU, EVGA's FTW, etc.
  24. the 560ti OC edition the one i have, cant play BF3 with x4 MSAA. but everything else is on ultra, so unless you want to overclock up to 1ghz or 950 at least, you cant really max it out with that card. I suggest get a 570 which is why for me i made a mistake rushing for a 560 TI oc'ed, but still its a spectacular card.
  25. ilysaml said:
    The 2 GB won't make a much difference.
    here;s the 1 GB version.

    it should with BF3 using the ultra pre-set (4xMSAA).

    for those that have 1GB cards like me, keep ultra but try reducing AA to 2x or zero - you will notice huge increases in fps, there are 1 or 2 games out there than require more than 1GB VRAM

  26. @ cps1974,
    Since you talked about VRAM, you're right there are 1 or 2 games benefit from the extra VRAM such as Crysis 2 and GTA IV. VRAM helps a lot in higher resolutions above 1080P in order not to have a frame buffer issue as The higher the resolution in games, the more VRAM there should be since more textures need to be loaded.

    Due to technologies such as AA, MSAA, AF, QSCAA.. those really feed on the VRAM depending on the game.

    However some cards are not powerful enough to use the extra VRAM..ex: There's no difference between HD 5670 512 MB and HD 5670 1 GB.

    For BF3, HD 6950 1 GB = 2 GB no difference.
  27. What do you mean, some cards are not even powerful enough to use that much ram? Can you link me to some benchmarks? There seems to be a lot of debate over this, but never see any evidence. What caliber of card do we need to take advantage of 2gb of ram?
  28. 244.99 after MiR, best GTX 560 Ti there is, very OCable and runs cool.
  29. I dunno what card derb is referring 2.

    I have researched this extensively before reading this thread. The most stable and OC'able 560ti out currently is the MSI twin...They sell a card called the Hawk, which uses a newer version of their heatsink. Its not really worth the extra $20-30. All 560 ti's with decent cooling easily OC to 950+mhz

    Keep in mind that a new 560 ti comes out within a month or so. If you can wait for that, I would. It will have i think 448 cuda cores instead of the current 384. It is predicted to use more power so thats something to think about if you have a weak psu. More importantly I think the new 560 ti will fix some of the minor yet annoying bugs the ti currently suffers from, although that's just a guess.

    If you cant wait, or cant commit a lot of power to your gpu, then get the MSI twin frozr II from newegg. Its now the winner of 2x customer choice award and for good reason. If your really into the epic warranty thing, EVGA does offer 2 560 ti's, get the superclocked DS one, because it has a sweet cooling solution, looks awesome and is pretty stable.
  30. running my TI @ 1020 core with great temps and Db levels, ASUS DC2 FTW
  31. kyle382 said:
    I dunno what card derb is referring 2.

    omg im so sorry i forgot the link :D :D here it is
  32. o wow yeah get that hawk thats a good deal
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