BSOD Flashes on startup then tries Startup Repair

So I am a new PC builder and was feeling pretty good about myself until this morning. I finished my new PC build on Sunday night, and after installing all the drivers and everything, the computer was working great until this morning. Last night I started installing updates to TERA and left the computer on overnight so it would be ready this morning. When I woke up my computer from sleep, the startup repair screen greeted me and a popup was asking if I wanted to restore my PC to a previous point. I clicked no and proceeded with the startup repair which let me know it couldn’t do anything and then shut down the PC.

When I turned it back on, I get the ASRock flash screen, then windows logo, then a blue screen flashes quickly, and finally it sends me to a screen where I have a choice between start windows normally (which starts the blue screen process again) or run startup repair (which loops the entire process, minus the popup asking me to restore). So now I can’t even restore it to a previous working build. One time my computer did beep during the boot process, but only once.

This is my first PC build and I’m confused as to why it would work for a few days and then stop working. Does this sound like a virus, or something I hooked up wrong in the computer? Most of the parts I’m using in this PC are new, the only reused parts are 2 HDDs (both sata), and my graphics card (geforce 9600 gt). I am using Windows Defender which comes with Windows 8 as my protection, perhaps this is insufficient.

In what I think is unrelated, my graphics card has a coil whine which I didn’t notice in my previous computer. I have read that pairing a new PSU with your GPU could cause this, or maybe I had it before and I never noticed it because my previous PC was a lot louder than this one. Even though I think this is an unrelated issue, I don’t want this problem not to be solved simply because I didn’t provide enough info. Also, I have not overclocked anything.

My Build:
Intel i7 3770k
ASRock Z77 Extreme6 Mobo
2x4 G.Skill DDR3 ram
2TB WD HDD (boot drive)
500GB HDD (out of an old HP computer)
Nvidia geforce 9600 gt
Naxn 650w 80+ Bronze Certified PSU
CM Storm Trooper Case

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m sorry for the long post, but I do know that the more information given, the better chances of diagnosis. Thank you very much in advance. I won’t be able to work on my computer until about 6pm Central Time when I’m home from work, but I wanted to get a head start in researching the potential problem.
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  1. Forgot to mention I have Windows 8 64bit
  2. Ok, so I'm dumb. My computer was trying to boot from the wrong drive, so I got it sorted out and now it's working perfectly. Oh well, among the list of problems I thought it might be, this was definitely be best and easiest one to fix. Problem solved.
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