1600 Mhz RAM shows up as 1333 Khz in bios.

So i just finished my pc build all went well and smooth. Since i have to wait for my copy of windows i decided to look around in the UEFI/BIOS. one thing i noticed is that my Kingston hyper X genesis ram which is 1600 Mhz on the box and on the warrany label on the heatspreader. is only shown as 1333 Mhz in the bios


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Can some one explain this to me ?

My system.

Asus p8z77-v lx
kingston hyper X genesis 2x4Gb
intel core i5 3570k ivy bridge cpu
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  1. It's because manufacturers advertise the RAMs by the XMP speed, not the SPD (default) one, that in your case is 1333.
    For 1600, you'll have to enable the XMP (Ai Overclock Tuner switched to XMP) in BIOS.
  2. Just went ahead and changed it to 1648 Mhz. Should that do ?
  3. It should be 1600. Have you manually set the speed or enabled the XMP?
  4. I used the AI tweaker and changed it there wasnt a 1600 option just 1648
  5. Why don't you use the XMP? It automatically sets the correct values.
  6. Ok I will. Where do I go to do that cant seem to find it in my manual. Thanks for helping me out, first time builder here
  7. I've checked the manual. It doesn't specify a XMP setting for Ai Tweaker/Ai Overclock Tuner. Check though in BIOS and see what options are available. If only manual, leave it as default, then after installing Windows, install CPU-Z and manually set in BIOS the values for XMP.
  8. Ok I will do once I set windows up.
  9. not all mobos support xmp as far as I know..
  10. They lied to you
  11. It means your 1600 memory is actually 1333.
  12. Oh really ?
  13. In my ASUS EZ Mode BIOS, it has options for Energy Saving Mode, Normal Mode, or Performance Mode. I am not sure if you have options like that. For me, if Normal Mode is selected then I will have the 1600mhz option, if performance mode is selected the option is bumped to 1648mhz. Also the processor seems to be bumped as well. I am running mine on 1648mhz and everything is great, you can see if you have some sort of Normal Mode then set it back to 1600mhz if you like. When I made changes to the Mode it is in, I had to Save and Reset before you adjust the speeds.
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