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Hello guys first time posting here so forgive me if this is in the wrong section?
What i wanted to ask is im trying to upgrade my motherboard cpu and ram for gaming purposes on a budget. I will be playing battlefield3 so i have allready invested in a 560ti and now i want to upgrade the rest i have found some bits of kit but im not 100% sure that they are all compatable with each other or are just plain worth the money?
Heres what ive sourced allready

Im not planning on overclocking or useing sli mainly as i cant afford it and dont know how to do it and want to keep costs down. The only other piece of information i can think to give you is im running an antec 550w power supply.
Thanks for any advice.
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  1. I would get a p67 or z68 board, and an i5-2500k if possible. But otherwise everything looks good ;)
  2. psu,motherboard,ram all looks good intead of i5 2500 instead u can get a i5 2400.the difference is i5 2500 has hd 3000 graphics and i5 2400 has hd 2000 graphics..if u are using a gpu the igp is not useful..and the clock for i5 2400 is 3.1 and i5 2500 is 3.3ghz not much a difference u can invest the money in gpu if u are going to buy a gpu otherwise i5 2500 will be best..
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  4. my gfx card is 560 ti.
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