What is the price of evga geforce gtx 550 ti

i want to know what is the average price of nvidia evga geforce gtx 550 ti, and can u say me what is the best graphics card below 6000 rupees to play battlefield 3 on high or ultra.......
asking kindly........ :)

please help :D
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  1. This is an English forum, we don't use RUPEES. If you want to know, you need to translate your money to DOLLARS/POUNDS.

    I mean seriously you are incapable of googling GTX550ti and finding out what the price is?? REally?
  2. 6000 rupees should be 6790, 6850 territory, both of which are superior to the 550 Ti.
  3. Cheapest I could find with a quick google


    Palit not EVGA and still over budget but i have no idea if thats a good or bad price in India
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