Odd issue :C

Hello there, i'm building my very first computer and well as you might expect I have came into contact with an issue!
For any reference the build is no where near finished, well I say that but I just haven't put my ssd and ram chips in however that's not the point.
Right now I have installed:
A p9x79 pro motherboard *this might be where the issues lie*
An intel liquid cooling solution
An i7 3820 core
A 750w psu
A sharkoon t28 case (blue)
and an asus gtx 640 graphics card *you may laugh at this as it's awful however I plan to upgrade it soon*

Now as you can see both from my prior notice and from my parts list I have no ssd / hd or ram chips now here lies the issue, when I power up my motherboard the LED number thing *sorry for not knowing this things name it's unclear even in the manual* it doesn't count at all, it just stays at 0.
Along with this my fans aren't getting power at all when they're plugged in as such i'm unsure if this is a psu issue, a bios issue as I haven't entered it yet to see how it's setup if at all, or an absence of ram issue.
I would like to know if I need to send back my motherboard or my psu or if i'm being very stupid and just need ram.
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  1. It may be an absence of RAM, it will not POST without it, why would you start it up without the RAM anyways?
  2. I set it up like this without ram as I just got the water cooler today.
    The issue is the power and reset leds glow but nothing else on my motherboard is gaining power, literally it's not counting and my fans can't take any power when I test it.
    It seems stupid for me to test it without ram but I wanted it tested sooner rather then later :)
  3. A quick side note, i have not attempted to connect this to a screen or look at the bios as my screen is yet to arrive so I can not check if it is an unlikely issue in there, however what do I know i'm merely a noob :)
  4. no fans..sounds like you shorted the mb out. did you use the brass mb standoff or screw the mb to the mb tray?? did you connect the 4/8 pin atx power cable??
  5. I don't think I shorted the motherboard out, when I turned the power on the stand off screws were in perfectly and the 8 pin connecter along with the 20 pin were also perfectly in.
    Is there potential that the motherboard is just faulty and I need to return it for a new one =/?
  6. Lol, oh conor, oh dear
  7. You destroyed the mobo. There should be an angry beeping if there is no RAM installed
  8. most time people short the mb out with the heat sink or i\o shield..rule out a dead short by breadboarding...also look under the cpu for bent pins if the system wont start or try another ps.
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