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guys im new to this so i have little to no info about graphic cards is nvida better then ATi or vise versa??
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  1. I hope this is a serious thread.

    Both companies make very competitive graphics cards in all price segments.

    Neither company can be considered better than the other in general, do you have a price range in mind?

    The two companies have different features that may or may not benefit you.

    Are you looking to buy a graphics card or just after a discussion?
  2. That is a generic question. You first need to specify your needs, your current specs and most importantly budget. Buying a GPU has to involve all these aspects.
  3. No they are equally good but come in many flavors and performance levels!
  4. im kinda stuck between the asus 560 ti and xfx hd 6950 .. some people say that while ati build good cards they have unstable drivers...
  5. Very compare able cards with slight performance edge to the HD6950 best to choose between them with benchmarks in games that you play. I have never had problems with drivers for either.
  6. Me too. nVidia have driver problems too! Its just an urban legend that AMD drivers are bad!
  7. final verdict guys......
  8. Asking if Nvidia or AMD is better is generalising too much. It depends on specific cards.

    Both are good at what they do, but some Nvidia cards are better than the equivalent AMD card and some AMD cards are better than the equivalent Nvidia card.

    The 6950 does better than the 560ti in most of the Tomshardware benchmarks
  9. If you're comparing the 560ti and the HD6950, I have to vote for the 6950. I'm not 100% sure on power requirements for the 560ti, but I can tell you that the 6950 is a very heat-friendly and power-friendly card for the overall graphics power you get.

    You'll probably be happy with both, but price-to-performance, I think the HD6950 represents one of the greatest values in GPU's right now. You can buy 1GB models for as low as $199 after mail in rebate. Plus, if you want to leave room for adding a second card later, the 6950's have shown to be tremendous cards when used in Crossfire. Either way you go, let me also put in a vote for the MSI Twin Frozr series - outstanding cooling and very quiet - excellent cards!
  10. ^

    u make a point here regarding physx and cuda nvidia certainly whopped som ati ass although physx arent implemented in many games ... but they will gradually as im reading. as for noise ati edge nvidia as for performance lets say 55 nvidia 45 ati....

    do i make a point here guys or im still ignorant
  11. Physx is not worth buying a Nvidia card for unless you play a game that uses physx a lot and there are hardly any games that use it.

    Take a look at the benchmarks I posted. There is very little difference between them but the 6950 is slightly better in performance.
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