Dell optiplex 170l boot problem

Hi. when i will switch on the computer it takes time to start and shows the error, there is no primary or secondary drive found, select F1 to continue or select f2 for bios setup. if i select f1 it continue to windows and work properly. Please any one help me to solve the problem Thank u.
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  1. Sounds like the CMOS battery on your motherboard has died. Make sure your computer is off and unplugged. Open the case and look for a shiny chrome disc about the size of a US quarter. It may be flat against the board or standing up in a slot. At any rate remove it. The part number will be on the back. Something like CR2132. These are sold just about anywhere that sells batteries.

    If you want to know the technical stuff, you can Google "CMOS battery".
  2. Ceck your BIOS settings. Looks like its trying to find primary and secondry drives that are not there. Turn them off in the BIOS and it will not try to locate them everytime it boots.
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