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I am building a rig for my friend.I need help with choosing the gpu
My options:
4x hd6970
3x hd6970
2x hd6990
2x gtx590
3x gtx580

Heat is no probelm since i plan on water cooling.

My friend really wanna test eyefinity. So i chose 3x dell 3007wfp. Suggest if theres anything better.
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  1. Best... ummm... 2xGTX590 at this point of time.
  2. Eyefinity = AMD
    2 x HD6990
    What CPU are you matching this with?
  3. Quote:
    Nvidia has surround vision.
    So any of these setups will do.

    I know that but OP asked for Eyefinity! Would have answered different had he asked for nvidia solution, presuming that somebody tasked with building a $3000 or more machine knows what he is doing!
  4. 2 x 6990 which can be changed into 4x 6970.
  5. I vote for the 3 x HD 6970, the 2 HD 6990s will run hotter and noisy. Also much trouble with Quadfire.

    i always recommend 3-way CF for Eyefinity.
  6. Quote:
    2x 3GB GTX 580's are all he needs really.

    GTX 580 is 20% faster than GTX 570, AMD 6K series scales better in Crossfire than nVidia GTX 5k series, so if you compare 3x HD 6970 VS 3x GTX 580 the HD 6970s win.
    Besides, Eyefinity = AMD
  7. Still want to hear what CPU this is going to be matched with?
  8. a Core i7 2600K @ 5.0 GHz is able to drive 4-way GTX 580 :)
  9. For Eyefinity (ie AMD), Tri Crossfire is the sweet spot. HD6990+HD6970.

    For NV Surround (ie NVIDIA), Tri SLI is the sweet spot. 3 x GTX580 3Gb.

    In both instances, the 4th GPU will give you diminishing returns in terms of performance.

    From memory, ~4% increase for the 4th GPU.

    If cost is no barrier, 2 x HD6990.
  10. @OP what CPU are you matching this with?
  11. Quote:
    i5 2500k at least surely....

    You could be surprised!
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