Why does my monitor smell?

I have a proviewer "17" and it works fine, but it smells like plastic that is burned. Any ideas????
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  1. how old is it?
  2. It's about 1month and 15days...
  3. that's just the NEW smell burning of , not to worry
    should stop in 2-4 months , depending on usage
  4. Some manafacturers actually warn people that there monitors will smell like this at first so it isnt unusual.Of course without being there I cant know for sure. I have seen a monitor nuke before.Smoke coming out of the vents is a pretty good indication somethings wrong lol.
  5. My first real computer experience involved a monitor going up in smoke. Just sitting there, all of a sudden it started smelling really bad, then it really started smoking with a little flame to make the plastic bubbly on top in the time it took to unplug it after the disbelief wore off. It was a real shame as it was an expensive 15" color (wow) monitor!

    --doing my best to be helpful :)
  6. Ok reading the advice I realize that there isn't a problem with the monitors' smell. No smoke thank god:)
  7. Hey, I plugged in a monitor once and had SPARKS and FIRE blow out from underneath it! Shipping damage caused a short!

    Suicide is painless...........
  8. go to love that new monitor smell

    Companies that = cancer
    ati creative lexmark micro$oft mitsumi rambu$ via
  9. You havent lived until you have seen a full cup of coffee, fall off a shelf and go into a moniter, it was spectacular, sparks and smoke and stuff everywhere, luckily it wasent my moniter, Looked like the 4th of July, very funny
  10. Yeh that one I had blow actually looked like someone set off a bunch of roman candles inside it!

    Suicide is painless...........
  11. mine wasnt a monitor, but i turned my external superdisk to internal, and when i plugged the power cable in, put it in upside down..... Sparks and flames and smoke abound..... loud as hell and gave me a headache for a good 3 hours.
  12. Yeh, I had an external removable media drive that wasn't working, so I put it in another external case and the power supply went up in flames! So THAT'S why it didn't work! And I was thinking it was a bad PS to begin with.

    Suicide is painless...........
  13. Well , i once had one old monitor blow my video card!
    I was so pissed! The card was expensive at that time (S3 868 MPEG)!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  14. That's how I got into this business! I had one of those old monitors that had to be adjusted internally. Well, I got tired of turning it off and then on while adjusting it, so I decided to leave it on and CAREFULLY adjust it. I go the screwdriver a little TOO CLOSE to the wrong spot and WAM! When I got back up off the floor, eveything seemed fine, but a short while later my vidoe card went out, then my floppy, then the floppy interface, every week something new, and since I could't afford to get it fixed I kept buying parts and fixing it myself. It took me weeks to figure out where that screwdriver went!

    Suicide is painless...........
  15. Has anyone had the privalage of smashing moniters and other stuff to pieces?
    At the end of last year, i was lucky enough to get chosen by the computer teachers to take out some moniters and other stuff to the big multi-skip, not only did we chuck them in the bin, we threw them in, smashed them with heavy objects and cracked a screen then it imploded coz it was vacume packed.I also got to pry open old 25meg hardrives and pull out old socket 7 ram modules from the motherboar and we found a intel 75mHz cpu soldered to motherboard. man that was a blast :p
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