Ordered gtx 560 got 560 ti?

So I ordered a gtx 560 from EVGA on amazon and it came this week. When I opened it and the graphics card stickers said gtx 560ti, but the box said gtx 560. It seems I somehow got a free upgrade which is fine with me :). Does this happen often?
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  1. Lucky bastard! LOL I would think rare!
  2. hahaha I was kind of shocked when I saw it. I thought that maybe they were out of the gtx560 and sent the ti for some reason, but I wouldn't think they would ship it in a gtx 560 box and plus they would just tell me it was out of stock XD.
  3. u should consider urself lucky dude.....the 560 Ti is an excellent card. U can max about any game (Except for metro, crysis, etc) with that card. I too have it...just overclock the hell out of it and u get a stock 570 performance. :D
  4. It may be a wrong sticker, check gpu-z.
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