Problem where Graphix card inhibits boot

Ran into an issue about a month ago now where my gaming PC just won't boot. The power supply had been rattling and that was the first replacement. No dice. Started TSing it and removed the video card. Powered up by listening to the headset for when it got to the login screen and so on. I was able to see my hard drive via networking and everything seemed to be ok so I bought another video card. Plugged in this one and same result. Then decided it might just be the motherboard. Since the processor is an AM2, had to grab a subpar motherboard from ASRock, the 770+. After installing the MB, Had come to realize that it didn't like the one batch of memory loaded and so i removed it, leaving 2G avail. This got the HDD to spin but no luck with the video out.

The original set up was Nvidia 8600 OC; MSI SLI deluxe motherboard; 2 x 1G Super Talent memory and 1 x 2G PNY (The former runs at a lesser speed the PNY is 1066); AMD Athlon 3.2 dual; 250GB SATA HDD. Everything else is onboard.

As it stands(using the ASRock A770DE+), I cannot get any video to report regardless of the card installed. I can't see bios to make any changes(regardless of motherboard). Can't boot at all with the new motherboard (and still cannot see the bios info). The last things left are the processor, memory and hard drive and I am not very willing to rep all of those just to have a 'new pc' that still doesn't work. Looking forward to comments/suggestions.
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  1. Go to bios setup and turn off built-in video, and enable "PCI x16 2.0" then start the computer.

    Note: Built-in video option must be in "Boot configuration" option
    and "PCI x16 2.0" must be in "Video configuration" option.
  2. Firstly, no built-in video. Secondly, cannot see the bios because of the lack of video. How does one access the bios (visually) when the video card, apparently, is not allowing video? Thirdly, the previous state of the PC had been working for quite some time when the video decided to cut out and was unable to boot properly. The previous bios had been correctly setup. The current bios (from the ASRock MB) has yet to be seen since I cannot get the video out..

    link to new MB stats:
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