Building my first gaming PC

I've never done this before so I just need some experienced people to look at the parts I've chosen and give their opinion in case stuff isn't compatible or whatever.

NZXT Zero case
ASUS P8P67 PRO motherboard
Intel i7-2600k processor
Windows 7 professional system builder oem software
Crucial 64 gb SSD
Western Digital Caviar Green 2 TB HDD
GTX560 Twin Frozr II (x2)
Kingston HyperX 12gb RAM

I plan to install windows on the SSD and everything else on the Caviar Green HDD. I plan to SLI two GTX560 Twin Frozr II cards together. The NZXT Zero case, an Antec 650w power supply, a CD/DVD drive and a 250 gb hard drive are the only old components I intend to keep from my old rig.

Do you guys have any advice on this PC?
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  1. or I could go for the Asus Z68 board instead.
  2. I would go with the Z68. Besides that everything will be compatible and work fine. Just research installation to hard drive default rather than SSD. I tried and nothing would work so now I have Windows on HDD and Linux on SSD. Also have you considered GeForce 580s?
  3. If you're not gonna video edit or do 3d modeling you should go with the i5 2500k. Amazing processor that surely won't bottleneck those 2 gpus. 12gb of RAM won't give you any moremperformance than 8. I suggest you get G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB DDR3 1600MHz.
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