8GB installed, Bios and Windows only showing 4GB?


I have recently just built a computer, I have having a problem with the RAM not being recognized fully.
My specs are as follows:
AMD HD 4890 Black Edition
i5 3570k 4.2ghz
8 GB DDR3 1600mhz Corsair ( Only 4 GB is showing in bios)
Artic Cooling CPU cooler
Z77- DS3H F9
windows 7 Home premium 64bit

I have tried re seating the RAM, A Bios Update. These don't seem to be fixing the problem, do I need to change any voltages with the ram or anything else?

Many Thanks.

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  1. Reset your bios
  2. Are you using 2 x 4GB? Have you tried the other set of slots? Tried swapping sticks between slots? Test each stick alone in the first slot.
  3. I actually had this problem before because I failed to fully put in the ram. It seems like a silly thing to check, but its advise that helped me out at least. Also some MoBos like their RAM in certain slots. Their could be a certain order that is written in the MoBo manual. A lot of Mobos actually color RAM slots differently to show which ones to occupy first. Im to lazy to google yours but i bet theirs a Light Dark Light Dark. First try Light Light, then Dark Dark. i bet one of them will work. If not the try the one that doesnt work in the slot that the good one works in already...if that doesnt work then you have bad RAM which you can return.

    BTW, just as an FYI, if that board has 4 RAM slots, its probably going to have a max upgrade of 32GB of RAM. It wouldn't be to smart to buy RAM at low levels such as 2 x 4GB. Only buy the 8 GB sticks. That way if you want to upgrade in the future your not throwing useless 4 GB sticks away... if you bought 16 GB at 4 x 4GB then now what? Cant upgrade without dumping one of those sticks. And if you did need to go to the max 32GB then you wouldn't be able to keep a single one of those 4 GB sticks. Since a 8GB stick is usually the same or near to the cost of 2 x 4 GB their isn't really a reason to not get just one stick. Just food for thought I guess.
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