First Gaming PC Build $400-$600 Need Help

Im in need of a gaming pc. Currently i have a laptop that i use to attempt to play games. Most of the time the games are so slow its impossible to play. I am a complete noob at computers but i will most likely be able to put it together the only thing is i have no idea about what parts to get. And if its possible i would want it to be able to run most games at high or decent settings

Budget- $400-$600

Usage- Lots of Gaming, Surfing Web

Preferred Website- newegg first if not then any i really dont care

Parts- Dont care as long as there decent

Overclocking- dont know what that means (:

SLI- clueless on that not sure what it means

Please Help!!!!!! :sol:
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  1. Need to know if you need a monitor and OS. Those two things represent a fairly large percentage of your budget. Keep in mind that if you have an LCD/Plasma TV, while it's not ideal it can act as a temporary fix in lieu of buying a monitor up front.

    Still, gotta know those things before suggestions can be made.
  2. ^+1

    In the mean time, if you don't need OS or monitor, you can check out my $400 and $600 builds here:
  3. soncop129 said:

    Case and Power supply. Otherwise the parts all look good.
    You can swap out that 250GB Seagate for a 500GB Hitachi 7200RPM drive, or a Samsung 500GB Spin-Point drive at 5400RPM
  4. Thanks for the advise ill probably go with the hitachi and now i have a power supply and case. looks like in all with windows it will cost around $580 (: . NICE!!!
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