ASRock z77 Extreme4 not compatible with Patriot RAM?

Hey guys,

So in doing some last minute research before buying my motherboard/RAM, I noticed that ASRock doesn't have my RAM listed under its compatibility chart.

Here's the RAM in question:

I've noticed that it's a "special edition," so perhaps it's not listed on ASRock's website because of this? If not, is this a huge issue?

On a somewhat-related note, ASRock's drivers for this particular MoBo don't seem to be downloadable in the US :-\
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    Personally, I've never bothered to check the QVL for RAM on any motherboard I've used. I've never had a compatibility issue yet /knocks-on-wood. I don't think it's a big deal. The only problem you may encounter is if something does go wrong and you contact ASRock, they will most likely automatically blame the non-QVL RAM in their troubleshooting.

    About the drivers, just go straight to the hardware manufacturers for the latest drivers. Intel for the chipset, Realtek for the audio, etc.
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  3. Thanks! Another question, is it REALLY that important to download the drivers as opposed to using the disc included with the MoBo, GPU, etc.?
  4. Never use the disc unless you are lazy or in a hurry. It's better to download the most current drivers.
  5. intel for the chipset drivers. relteck for the audio chipset. dont forget the newest mb bios. most 1.5 1600 ram should work in most mb.
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