Upgrading to a Phenom II x4 965

I can not build a new rig this year so I am forced to upgrade.

Motherboard: ( I on't know how to post a link :( )

Athlon II x3 425 OC to 3.3

2 x 2GB DDR2 Corsair 1066

XFX HD 5770

Earth Watts 430

Res: 1680 x 1050

I feel my system needs an upgrade to hold on until next year and I think that the best upgrade is a new cpu. Do you think that upgrading the video card is a better idea????
Should I spent extra $30 and get the phenom II X4 975 instead of the 965? If so, why? Does it have more overclocking headroom?
I will overclock but I am conservative when overclocking, I wont go over recommended 1.4v for sure.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Upgrading the Video card would give more boost but then again the HD5770 is fine at that resolution! All the PII X4 BE's have about the same overclock headroom!
  2. Why not go over 1.4v? I can get 4.4GHz out of my 975be on 1.45v
    Agree on the card as well, 5770's still a strong card and no point upgrading that
  3. Get the 960T, it's better.

    Less expensive
    80% chance to unlock to X6 (basically a 1075T)
    Will overclock just as high as any other Phenom II, up to 3.8 on stock voltage.
    Better memory controller

    IMHO it is the only quad worth buying from AMD at the moment.

    Here is where to get it for $89.99
  4. Unfortunately I don't have a Microcenter in Miami and newegg doesnt have the 960T. The max safe voltage as per AMD is 1.4volts. I don't know if going over 1.4 will kill my CPU too fast. I want it to last at least 1 year or 1.5 years. Also, I don't know if my motherboard can supply all the power that beast will draw at 1.45v.
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    Nominal voltage is 1.4v, max is generally 1.5ish on Amd chips, but you are right on the volts equals heat part :-)
    And unless you have serious heat issues, a healthy overclock won't shorten the lifespan of a chip that badly,
    My Mobo's a 140w job, and handled the beast clock fine :-)
    Not recommending you try for a big clock, just showing you that they are capable of far more than a lot would credit them for,
    And worth the extra in my book
  6. My MBoard is only 125W [...] ?pid=3141#
    If I OC that CPU over 4.0GHz at 1.4V+ it should draw like 160W.
    Can my Board handle that?
  7. According to
    a 975 at 4GHz on 1.4v will pull 127w, obviously each chip is different but you should reach that easiliy and be able to hold the temps in check
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  9. It is weird that the 965 pulls more W than the 975 at same volts and frequency.
    I already ordered this combo:
    This will be my third overclock and I will squeeze it for sure. Of course I have to read a lot first, I am already working on it. I will post my results. Thanks!
  10. Cool, I look forward to reading your adventures with it man, and thank you for B.a.
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