COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus on a mini-ITX board?

Hey everyone,

I'm doing a new build with a mini-ITX board and I've read that the Hyper 212+ is an excellent choice for aftermarket cpu cooling (especially for overclocking). My question is will it fit? I know I can get low-profile ram without the crazy heat spreaders, but I'm worried it won't fit even then. I don't have the board in hand yet, so I can't give any exact measurements. I was just wondering if anyone has tried it yet and succeeded (with or without cutting corners).
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  1. My feeling is it is going to be an overkill for a mini ITX build! It is almost as big as the motherboard!
  2. I just finished installing one about 15 minutes ago. The biggest issue is RAM height and CPU socket location. Another concern is the width of your case, the 212+ is TALL. It barely fit in my last install and I had to leave the side off my son's PC because it was too narrow!

    With one motherboard I found it much easier to install the Hyper 212+ with the motherboard not screwed into the case. That gave me easy access to the mounting screws.

    I always "dry fit" these to make sure there's clearance around everything.

    Without knowing any more about the motherboard it would be tough for anyone to give a correct answer.

    I would suggest buying it from Newegg and if it doesn't fit, return it. I LOVE these coolers, cheap but good. No funky water leaks to worry about just air.
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