Frame skip problem in DX11

My Rig:

Intel i7 920 @ 4.00ghz
Corsair dominator ram 8gb 1600mhz
7200rpm HDD (soon to be a ssd)
1200w Corsair ATX
Antec 1200
Motherboard = gigabyte ex58 UD5
Graphics card(s)= 6970x2

Well, I created a thread not that long ago on here complaining about BF3 and frame skipping, turns out all of my DX11 games frame skip with or without crossfire enabled, I have disabled HT and HPET. Reset my overclocked processor to optimized defaults, updated my BIOS to the latest version and yet nothing helps. It happens when looking at an object and moving around it, happens with especially characters in game.

Oh and I uninstalled my drivers through safe mode etc etc (correct way to uninstall drivers). Then re installed them.

Hardware problem?
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  1. Test each card by itself. One of them might be dying.
  2. Nice rig mate.
    Does it only do it with BF3? Does it do it with Metro or a other game?
    If its only BF3 I think the game will receive a patch or so soon. Have you set your cards 2d mode speed the same as the speed in 3D mode? You can try that.
    Another option is to manually set the cards to the same speed.

    Do you have Msi Afterburner installed?
  3. I'll try all of this tonight after work. :)
  4. Might want to check the temps of the cards in CF before you get tearing them apart. Perhaps the top card is getting to hot?
  5. 4745454b said:
    Might want to check the temps of the cards in CF before you get tearing them apart. Perhaps the top card is getting to hot?

    good point.
    Some times its not touching the tim at some places which leads to the gpu overheating at some places where the censor doesn't pick it it.
  6. Well the top card reaches 95c with the auto fan, but the same result in game happens when the fan is at 70% and the temps are lower (sounds like an aircraft taking off). Also if it was hot temps, the stutter would get worse throughout the game, it doesn't it's a constant stutter while looking at objects or NPC's (Metro 2033 or Stalker call of pripyat) Although BF3's stutter is constant, no need to look at an object it does it throughout the whole game (SP and MP) it's so bad that it's unplayable.

    I shall test the cards shortly and let you know the results.

    Also yes I have MSi afterburner installed, would you like a screenshot while in BF3? (GPU's at 99% wtihout vsync).

    Edit: I was also wondering, it did stutter a little in DX9 in stalker. I wonder if it's a HDD issue? This hdd is about 2-3 years old now. Anyway I'll test the cards.
  7. Ok, I've tested both cards. Same result, must be another culprit in my system.... Also about the bf3 issue, I think I resolved some of the stuttering by reducing my mouse sensitivity in the in game options, buggy bf3.
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