Xonar DG 5.1 speakers issue

I have an Asus Xonar DG with the latest drivers installed ( connected to a Logitech X530 system.
The problem is i can only get sound in my front speakers. In the Xonar Audio center i've set Audio Channels to 6 and Analog Out to 5.1 Speakers. I've tried music (both mp3 and flac), youtube, games, Blu-Ray movies and in everything i can only hear the front speakers.
The odd thing is that in the windows Speaker Setup if i test 5.1 setup i hear sound from all speakers. So the speakers work and they are connected correctly to the sound card.
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, if that is relevant.
I've also tried the Xonar Unified custom drivers, but i have the same problem.
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  1. Makes sense. Music is encoded in 2.0. No matter how many speakers you have set up, if the source is 2.0, the output will be 2.0.

    As for movies, make sure the Dolby Digital/DTS track is being played and decoded by the media player. If not set up right, you'll just get the 2.0 PCM audio track rather then a decoded 5.1 Dolby Digital/DTS audio track.

    Games are harder to figure out though, as they should have no trouble outputting 5.1. Can you post a screenshot of the driver control panel so I can look it over?
  2. I know music is encoded in 2.0 :P. I'm not talking about 5 different "tracks" (not sure if this is the right term) for each speaker. I'm talking about some sort of emulation my old audigy 4 did, where i heard the music in all speakers if i choose 5.1 speakers.
    And what about flacs? Those are 5.1, right?

    As for movies, i'm not sure i understand what do you mean by "make sure the Dolby Digital/DTS track is being played and decoded by the media player". How do i check that? For watching movies i use Media Player classic and on my old Audigy4 i just opened the movie and i had sound in all 5 speakers (different sounds this time, not like the music example :P) I tried both AC3 audio and DTS audio movies.

    Again i am a little confused by the driver control panel screenshot request :P Not sure i know what you mean by that so i made these 2 screenshots. Please tell me if you ment smt else :P
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