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I am very new to mobile development. I have some questions that have
been vexing me, and I wondered if anyone could help. I hope these
questions don't sound too stupid, but it's really hard to find decent
information on it. If you can help on *any* of the points below I'd
appreciate it alot. I am in Australia, in case that's relevant.

1. I want to write a small program (existing on a mobile phone) which
will have a basic menu interface and which will send a particular
small message to a receiver node (let's say another phone) when an
appropriate menu item is selected. I have a vague understanding that
all this can be done using the mysterious "STK". Is this correct? If
it is correct, this leads to the second question, how can I distribute
this application to target phones? Explicitly, do I have to approach
each carrier in Australia and ask them: "I have an STK application,
can you load it into phones X Y and Z on your network?..."? I presume
that each carrier would only do this for phones - erm "sim cards" I
mean - that are on their specific network. Is this also the case?

2. I see there are some java stk "libraries" around. I guess to use
these the SIM card needs to be "java enabled" or something. Is this
so? If it is so, also do the carriers themselves have to send the code
to the SIM card?

3. I have found nothing on this: how can an stk application be
*removed* once it's been put on a sim card??

4. If the phone can run java, and can access the internet, then I'm
guessing I can put a java (erm, j2me) program on the net have the
phone download it. If we're talking about such a phone, I think the
application doesn't have to have anything to do with that STK in order
to do sms stuff. Is *this* a correct view?

5. As I understand it, SMS can be thought of a "channel" through which
data can be passed - NOT necessarily just text messages. ie binary(??)
as well. Is this true?

6. What's a GSM modem good for? I mean what are the advantages of a
dedicated piece of hardware eg "Nokia 30" over just a phone plugged
into the computer? I'm guessing it can process data more quickly and
reliably and robustly. Does anyone know something about this?

7. The reason I ask about gsm modems, is I want to be able to
communicate with my target phones via sms (or some other means). So a
modem seems a good way. Any other known way to have a phone send me an
sms (that is, data on the sms "channel") and have it wind up on my

8. For the java/net kind of phone, I guess it can pass data to (and
from) my server over the internet...? Using something called GPRS? Is
there some caveat to this that I am naively unaware of?

9. Are there any resources out there with actual examples? I mean on
this STK stuff? I know there should be heaps on j2me apps etc.

If you made it this far, thanks for your patience! I suppose the
things that really are confusing for me are about how to write AND
DELIVER a simple menu driven application for a phone that can send
data to me, and react to data sent to it (in a simple way - ie display
a message).

Thanks again,
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.gsm (More info?)

    "TR" wrote:

    > Hi,
    > I am very new to mobile development. I have some questions that
    > have been vexing me, and I wondered if anyone could help.

    Since we seem to be based in my city (Canberra), I have replied
    directly to your e-mail address. Please let me know if you
    don't receive it (remove the obvious from my direct reply

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