2GB of RAM installed, but only 512MB displays on startup screen

Hi, I have just downgraded an old computer from Windows 7 back to its former Windows XP mode, as it wasn't running fast at all. After I had done that, I was expecting it to be like brand new again, but it was still VERY slow. So I doubled checked my 2GB RAM cards, and they do display in the My Computer properties box as being installed. Then when I restarted the PC, on the first startup page it says 512GB is installed. So I'm quite confused why it's different there, as my PC seems to think it's running on 2GB RAM when it's actually only on 512GB.

Any help?
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  1. I read this 4 times and you
    had 2GB Ram and it also showed on ur MY computer properties.

    You restarted and
    PC said you had 512GB installed.

    but you also said "my PC seems to think it's running on 2GB RAM when it's actually only on 512GB."

    Whats going on here
  2. I also seem to be a little confused. Just to clarify CJ, do you have 2GB of RAM installed or do you only have 512MB RAM installed? (Im assuming when you wrote 512GB it was a typo which you really mean 512mb...)
    How much does your bios say you have? My guess is the real number is the one that reads from the OS. If XP says it is using 2GB of RAM is most likely is. Also what do you mean by startup page? If the bios and OS say 2GB then you have no RAM problem....
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