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Hello, i generally try to overlap purchasing components and am ready for my next jump. i have a amd 1100t processor @ 4.0g with h60 cooler an m4n82 mobo with 6gb 800 mhz ddr2 ram. i run 2 gtx 275 in sli for gpu. have 120gb force gt corsair ssd for primary hd. My question is what would be the better upgrade for gaming. Automtically i assume gpu but i wonder if a new mobo with oc ddr3 ram would allow my cpu to run smoother. The games i mainly play are flight sims which seem to be vram dependant as i use 2 screens and arma2 which i read is cpu heavy. I aslo play all the new games bf3 skyrim, me3, wargames, etc. but the usually burn me out and im back to combat sim games. i know my vid cards are old i just dont know if getting a 3gb gtx 580 is going to be hindered by my mobo and/or ram type. just trying to avoid spending 500 beans and still have same performence with a massive bottleneck in my other components, Thoughts?
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  1. Time to upgrade, a new GPU is going to be bottlenecked by your existing setup.
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