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Crossfire 1GB 6950, Enough for BF3 on Ultra?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 4, 2011 6:22:30 PM

I heard that BF3 uses more than 1GB of VRAM, so would I need 2GB 6950s in Crossfire or will 1GB 6950s in Crossfire be enough?
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November 4, 2011 6:30:24 PM

If you are spending the money for a crossfire, you should go with the 2GB cards.

What resolution will you be playing?
November 4, 2011 6:31:01 PM

1920x1080. The problem isn't that I'm unwilling to buy 2GB, but in Canada, it's impossible to find the card I want (MSI Twin Frozr III 2GB 6950). I want the MSI for it's cooling and quietness, so I was entertaining the idea of buying the 1GB version, which stores actually have some of.
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November 4, 2011 6:59:25 PM

new egg shows them in stock
November 4, 2011 7:05:59 PM

Earnie said:
new egg shows them in stock has them, but they don't ship to Canada. has them listed as out of stock, and it's been out of stock for a while now so I don't know if they'll ever get any.
November 4, 2011 7:15:07 PM

blade061188 said:
They have them on amazon has one for $370. For that price I might as well get a 6970. And being in Canada, anything from can get taxed heavily by customs, which pretty much makes buying from a dealbreaker.

Thank you for your help though, appreciate the effort.
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November 4, 2011 7:17:07 PM

Is there a reason you need that specific model?

I realize it is a good cooler, but there are lots of good coolers out there. If you can't get the frozr III could you settle for something else?
November 4, 2011 7:28:01 PM

I have also considered that card, but reading the reviews it seems that it can get a bit noisy and loud. I'm keeping that as a backup plan, but would really like to be able to get my hands on the Twin Frozr III.
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November 4, 2011 7:32:45 PM

It is a good looking card. Out of the reviews I read, many of them mention how quiet the card is.

Any card (even the FrozrIII) will get loud if you increase the fan speed high enough. I have a Sapphire 6950 (the Flex version) and the noise doesn't bother me unless I crank the fan speed way up.

If you are in a hurry to play BF3, I think you'd be perfectly happy with the Dirt3 card. But it's your call.
November 4, 2011 8:22:02 PM

deffo get the 2gb version, here in the uk the asus direct cu's are cheap dont know what its like in canada
November 7, 2011 3:27:29 PM

If you want to go cheap, a 5850 or equivilent will destroy bf3 at ultra without msaa, in the UK you can get this stuff for £100- 120 though if you want at least 2x msaa you will need a 6950 2gb at least. Even in jets this applies. 4x msaa, you need a 570 on nvidia but on amd you need a 6990! :?
November 7, 2011 6:54:28 PM

This one's out of stock but when they do get some they go fast. As far as quietness, this card is great. Single fan in combination with a vapor cooling system keeps temps mild and sound minimal. If you're willing to wait, I'd wait for these and watch them closely.