GeForce GTS 250


Since yesterday I have very serious fps problems in Battlefield 3. Two days ago I was able to play with similar fps like TH measured in this benchmark:,3063-4.html

Is someone facing the same problem?

My System:

Intel Q8300 4x2,5Ghz
GTS 250 1GB

I also tried to overclock my system but with no effects on fps rate :(
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  1. What exactly is your problem? are the frames lower? Could you [please specify on what exactly the problem or problems are?
  2. update your nvidia drivers.
  3. My average framerate is now between 18 and 30 which is unplayable for me. I have updated the nvidia drivers.
  4. I did a little thinking and a little looking around online, could be the following

    -to much stress on the gpu ( heating and or not enough wattage depending on psu )
    -different drivers seem to handle Bf3 differently from the latest to some older ones that may run the game better or smoother.
    -what resolution you could be playing on
    -your cpu seems to be a lower end quad core (back door) Meaning some fetures like hyperthreading are not included as well for Turbo Boost Technology. Higher end Quad cores have some access to these options, such as the i5 some are not, but there are more transistors and more threads, your quad has 4 and an (depending on model) the i7 would have 8 threads. Threads of the cpu let the application take full advantage to its processing power. What ever processor was used to take the benchmark could have been different most likely.

    No system is going to be perfectly the same to one another.
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