20 pin cable with 24 pin slot? safe?

Hey guys, my new mobo came today, it has a 24 pin slot(probably not the correct name) but my psu only has a 20 pin cable, simple question, is this safe?

Cheers guys
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  1. It's safe - electrically, but probably won't work properly. Either you'll need to get an adapter to convert one of your molex plugs into a 4 pin plug, or get a new PSU with the correct 24 pin connector.
  2. what exactly do you mean by wont work properly
  3. I just think it meants that the MOBO won't have enough power to function as well as it should
  4. Buy a new PSU. You need the power.
  5. Its a pretty decent psu, just bit old, where could i buy a molex to 4 pin plug that abekl mentioned?
  6. I just did a bit of googling and found an article saying that as long as the computer isnt using more than 355watts then a 20pin plug will be fine
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