6990 quadfire and bf3


is it me or is quadfire scaling still not that great?
in bf3, seems ok, actually seems like a single card does better..

anyone else using quadfire?
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  1. I don't think the 6990 even worked at all on BF3 launch. I think most issues are sorted out by now but there's still some problems with SLI/CF.
  2. so it having 2 6990s an overkill? seems like it... I get better performance with one, by using fraps, the frames are higher with one then they are with 2
  3. It says right here that the 6990 should be getting over 170 fps at 1920 x 1080 in quad xfire although what drivers do you have? I assume you have the latest beta battlefield 3 drivers?

  4. Btw you dont need fraps, type in ~ render.drawfps true

    That shows the framerate in the game without the need for fraps.

    Or if you press control + alt + s it also shows statistics such as FPS, ping, and texture size.
  5. What is Quadfire? do you mean crossfire? AMD got cought with not suficient driver support for BF3 , because just prior to launch EA/Dice added to the game without giving the card vendors time to spruce up thier drivers for that game. Evedently Nvidia was somewhat unaffected by this because whatever they added only affected AMD drivers. Once AMD had a chance to work out the driver issue thier cards are playing BF3 much better.
  6. I have the latest amd drivers..and am runing 5760x1080..thats my eyefinity res..
  7. quadfire..3 cards in crossfire..
  8. quad=4, morons; each 6990 has 2 cores X 2 6990s= quadfire which scales like absolute crap 3 is the most anyone should go with imo with the current regime of amd drivers
  9. Then its obvious its the CPU thats the bottleneck the cards wont bottleneck that bad at an eyefinity resolution because they get 190fps in 1920 x 1080 so 5760 x 1080 i would think gets about 50-60 fps.
  10. I guess I'm just a cheap s.o.b. but I can't imagine myself spending $1,400 for video cards to play a $60 game
  11. ^makes no sense to me...
  12. Quadifre 2x 6990 checked
    15 litres of LN2 checked
    33x I7 980x cpus and hope you get one that OC nicely. Checked

    Ok your half there to hwbot.org and in the quest to break synthetic benchmarks.

    Seriously what resolutions are you planning to play on? 5760 two 6970s
    1080p Gtx 570
  13. @ pnico... What cards do you have.. Im trying to do the same set up with eyefinty. I have every thing except the cards.
  14. stupid me. i just read it,, 6990 crossfire.. sorry for asking
  15. ^you can edit your posts you know... into one
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