Making switch to intel need help with finding a new mobo.

I'm looking to making the switch from my old am2+ motherboard to the intel i5 3570k.
Having a hard time deciding on a budget motherboard around $50-$60 dollars that fits my needs.
I'm not planning on crossfire/sli graphics cards. I just need a board that is reliable and it doesn't have to be able to overclock the i5 to 5ghz but allows some room for maybe 4ghz-4.5ghz anywhere in between would be fine.

So any suggestions? preferably not Asrock board cause their customer service has been pretty horrid so far for me.

Current rig: cpu-phenom ii 965 c3
ram-adata 4gb ddr2 800mhz
mobo- Asrock a770de+
psu- rosewill green series 630w
gpu- powercolor hd 6850(upgrading to 7850 2gb)
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  1. Without Asrock prepare to spend 90$+
    Even with Asrock it's still 70$+ unless you happen on to a combo deal

    MSI Z77A-G41
  2. Yeah that what I've been looking for was some good combo deals. I plan on dropping $500 dollars into my computer for upgrade. I have to pay for another copy of windows 7 which totally sucks!
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