[HELP] Which GFX Card should i get?

Hey guys,

Im looking to buy a GFX Card this week and im wondering if i should keep my current 460 and get a second, or get a 560, and then the following week buy a second?

I mostly play BF3 and soon to be MW3 and i want to be running on high / ultra .

I also play at 1920x1080, however i am happy about dropping to 1440x??? it doesnt look "Too Bad"
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  1. I play with GTX 460 SLI, BF3 all ultra settings except with 2xAA or zero AA, 1920x1080, +80fps (rather than the default 4XMSAA that comes with ultra

    bear in mind if you get 560 or 560Ti you will need a card with more than 1GB memory (or 2 cards with more than 1GB for SLI of course) to play at ultra with full 4xMSAA according to my testing

    my cards run approx @ 560 clocks (815/4000) for these results, a lot of other games I have are fine with the clocks in my sig (930/4400) but BF3 doesnt like the rediculous OC these cards are capable of, one can hope that game patches & driver updates might help

  2. I need more info about your FULL specs first before saying anything... :)
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