Saphire Radeon 6850 setttings for CounterStrike Source Help

I'm pretty green when it comes to decent video cards and need help with my settings.
I just upgraded to a semi decent gaming system it's a CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA140
Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition / 3.2GHz Overclocked to 3.7
4GB DDR3 SDRAM (expandable to 8GB)
Hard Drive: 1TB (7200 RPM) Serial ATA-II, 4X DVD±RW Dual-Layer Super-Multi Drive ( P.O.S. JUNK !! )
AMD Radeon HD5450 512MB ( I replaced with a Saphire HD 6850 1-GB GDDR5
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
I also upgraded the PSU to a OCZ Fatal1ty 550 watt 80 plus certified Saphire Radeon HD 6850 requires 500+ and all runs good.
I ran the windows performance test with the HD5450 and the score was a horrible 2.9
With the new HD6850 card the computer scores
Processor 7.3
Ram 7.5
Graphics 7.7
Gaming Graphics 7.7
Hard Disk Drive 5.9
So the new card rocks and I need some help with the settings. I'm using my LG 47" LED 3D TV as my monitor and the card is displaying in 1920x1080 I bought some newer games but Counter Strike Souce and DOD source are my 2 favorites. Just a little reference the HD 5450 card scored 56 FPS when I ran the video stress test in Counter Strike and the HD 6850 scored 298.06 FPS so thats good but when I went into the advance settings for the video,there are a few things I dont understand. Theres a little * by what the game detects as the best settings for my system. Lets start with the antiasiling its set to none and has options for 2x,4x,8x MSAA why is my best setting none? What should I set it to?
Then theres the filtering its set to trilinear and has options of anisotropic 2x,4x,8x,16 what should it be set at?
Multicore rendering is set to disabled ? Can I set it to enablem if so whats the difference?
Motion blur is diabled is that good,bad or doesnt matter?Direct-X is Hardware detected as v9+ but the software is v9.0 ,My CPU system check says I'm running 11x is it the game that limits me to 9x ??
Finally I have a choke issue 103-130 what can I do to fix right now I have Rate 30000, CL_cmdrate 100,CL_updaterate 100,FPS_maxrater 100,CL_smooth 0,CL_interp 0.1 Any suggestions as how I can lower my choke I tried cmd,updaterate at matching settings of 30/50/70/90 and went witht what I was recommended to @100
I also adjusted my GPU from the stock settings of 775MHz memory to 825MHz highest aetting is 850 and the GPU clock speed from 1000MHz now at 1100MHz max setting is 1200MHz is this OKAY if not what sould I set them to??? fromSorry this post was a huge wall of words but I didnt want to ask ?'s without having all my system specs and settings listed.
When playing my keyboard tells me I'm using about 38% of RAM ans CPU is using anywhere from 20-35% avg spikes higer sometimes
Any and all help will be appreciated even if you can only answer 1 or 2 things I will still appreciate it very much. PS I was away at war for the past 5yrs so please forgive my PC ignorance as whats available today was only a wet dream the last time I bought a PC or played any games. THANKS Chuck
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  1. That is the software.And that game was made a very long time ago.It obviously doesn't reciginze the 6850 as the card it is.Don't bother worrying about the reccomended settings.Just put every on max for Source games,you should easily be able to max all of them out.

    Multicore rendering is something you should have on.

    The Source game engine from Valve was made somewhere around 2005 and at the time DX9 was the best DX avaible.Yes your 6850 does support DX11 but the Source games do not.

    It seems like you know a great deal about computers and therefore you should know a lot of the answers to these questions yourself.Not much has changed in 5 years.It just seems a little strange to read through all of that to find out you probably know the answers yourself.

    Just put everything to it's max setting.The 6850 is overkill for that game.As I said before that game was released over 5 years ago.
  2. As stank suggests multicore rendering should be on and yes the dx9 is limited by the Source engine. If you're looking to Overclock your 6850 a little more I would suggest using Furmark which is a program that tests your graphics card stability and heat which allows you to watch out for artifacts if you set your clock speed or memory speed too high.

    Myself I can get my 6850 up to 875 Core clock and 1105 Mem clock before I see artifacts or crashes.
  3. I really appreciate both of your answers. Purple Stank I love the name as I have been know for my stinky hydro and now I'm out of the service I can go back to growing but given the choice I would rather continue getting paid by the Govt. to hunt people at night and build schools durring the day. You give me way too much credit " It seems like you know a great deal about computers and therefore you should know a lot of the answers to these questions yourself " but even 5 years ago I didnt know much I was playing CS on a Emachines T-3256 that sported AMD Athalon 3200, with 2.2GHz Processor Speed, 400MHz Bus. a whopping 512mb of ram x 2, 160 GB hard drive helped by a 30 gb hard drive from the PC before it and I slammed a blazingly fast a light it's self ATI Radeon x1300 Pro AGP 256 mb. That is the PC I had before I semi built the currernt system. My experience beofre tinkering on this one was limited to putting in an extra memory card and the graphics card and when I did the GPU add on my knees were shaking like a school girl getting reay to take it in the brown eye for the first time. What am I saying I dont know crap the over clocking the olny reason I was able to tinker with that is it's in the console where I have to go to change anysettings and it pretty much did all the work with self analysis. Your age isnt listed but I'm guessing that my emachines PC was released for sale before your first kiss,2003 that is.
    pwnorbpwnd, I like turtles too and thanks for the Furmark suggestion I will check it out. BTW I'm in no way trying to disrespect you but change your pic man you look like a girl in that photo. I'm not trying to be mean at all but I thought you were a cute girl and clicked on the more information below the pic to see how you were and was stunned when it said you were a 18 yr old BOY Again thank you both for the help. Good day to you both and maybe we will get the chance to kill one another in game one day. Peace and chicken grease !! They are both good for ya !!!
  4. LMFAO.That was great.Really made my day.

    So after hearing what we have to say what do you want to do now?
  5. Stop me from from screwing my game up anymore than I have,LOL. I went and looked up different things I could adjust via the console for the C.S. Source and added my netgraph_3 and rate_3000 stuff like that and now it's worse than ever. Before I made any adjustments I had a 3 to 1 kill ratio on a consistant basis on a game server that only ran the same map. Iceworld which is a very small map. That was with live players. I had a kill to death ratio of 6 to 1 when there were bots only. Now live players I'm down to scores like 68 kills and 52 deaths. I cant get the choke to run right the packets in and out are lobsided and not sure but think thats causing the choke issue. I dont know how to get back to the stock settings for the game. Any ideas? I really dont want to uninstall and reinstall because it takes many many hours since I have like 20 games running on my Steam account that would need to be redownloaded.
  6. If it's a latency issue's then make sure your ports are open and update your ethernet drivers.

    You can also "verify the integrity of the cache" to see if any files are missing.Steam will re acquire them auto.
  7. Ethernet driver are up to date and I dont know what to type into the game console to fix the in/out. I'll try to verify etc... but it should be good as I just down loaded it onto this p calong with all of steam and other games linked with my steam acount
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