AMD A-Series Dual graphics setup problem

Hello. Please don't hate me on this. I hope this is a problem someone else has encountered and that someone can help me solve it.

I have an HP desktop with the 18-3800 APU which has the 2550D Radeon graphics system. I have bought a Radeon HD 2570 discrete graphics card.

I know that you have to find some way to override the bios to keep it from disabling the onboard 2550D graphics set so you can use the Dual graphics technology between both the onboard graphics and the graphics card. When this happens and you install your graphics card, you are supposed to be able to have the choice to use the Crossfire option in the Vision Engine center.

The HP bios is a confusing monster. There was a very good Youtube video that talks about how to set this up, but unfortunately my bios is so different from that one that I can't figure out what to do to enable the Crossfire option.

Thank you for any help you can provide me.
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  1. That was supposed to be an HP desktop with an AMD A8-3800 APU which has the 2550D Radeon graphics system. The motherboard is a HIbiscus motherboard (Made in Taiwan), and has an HP-specific Bios.
  2. Exactly what HP do you have, and do you know what the motherboard is, and even more specifically the chipset? Are you sure that your HP is able to do Hybrid Crossfire in the first place?
  3. The motherboard is a Hibiscus AAHD3-HB motherboard. The HP computer is this one: (I'm away from my house at the moment and using my phone to post this)

    Under HP's general specs, it says it supports the A4, A6, and A8 series processors. But under the motherboard video specs, it says that the onboard graphics are overrided when an external graphics card is installed.

    I am not sure (but hope it's not true) if this motherboard completely blocks the ability for me to take advantage of the AMD Dual Graphics technology that they have created specifically for these types of pairings.
  4. You mean the 6550d and 6570.

    The hp site says "*Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed." so I would think it doesn't support it. Any option in the bios saying integrated graphics, primary graphics, display, igpu, or igfx enable it or set it to the correct setting. Also try with the monitor in the mobo or in the discrete and see if it changes anything in the bios. Otherwise it looks like it's locked out.
  5. Unfortunately, everything I am reading about this board indicates that it does not support Hybrid Crossfire. Disadvantage of buying prebuilds, they cut every corner they can to save money. The motherboards are likely spec'd and built with just what they need to run the machine, with a couple of extra plugins and sockets for minor upgrades, but that is about it.
    I'm sorry to say it, but I think you may be out of luck.
  6. Thanks, jit.

    That's what I was afraid of. Oh, well. I learned of this technology after I bought both the graphics card and the computer.

    Leave it to a company to wag the possible OMG specs in front of you, yet short change you on the technology.

    I still have a graphics card, at least, and I haven't fried it.
  7. 1. Download this

    Install it run it

    Select tools
    Select analysis and advice


    and then

    let it run. When its done post the results under video it gave you as well as the motherboard
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