USB Communication

My problem:

I have a embroidery machine, it has a USB port to load files (pattens), this machine only can read
The structure file in the USB and load a selected file.

To load my files in the USB I use a computer with XP Windows, I create o modify my files and record
in the USB, to do this I need to connect the USB in the computer’s usb port , record the file, then disconnect the USB
after that connect the USB in the embroidery machine’s usb port, etc.

As you can see, this process is very slow an complicated, I want a solution to can connect directly by a cord or cordless
Connection both usb ports, where I can record my file in a virtual usb drive o something like that and can read from
The other usb.

Its importat to comment that the embroidery machine cant install drivers, software, etc it olnly can read a file from a usb

Can some software, cord, card, etc solve this? Why o how?

J Ventura
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