Gigabyte 6950 vs Sapphire 6950

Which one would be better for CF? Also, would the Gigabyte fit in an Antec 300? Both are stock clocked but Gigabyte has 3 fans and keeps the GPU cooler than the Sapphire dual fan version but the Sapphire is almost 2 inches shorter.
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  1. I would get the shorter one just to have more space. For crossfire it does not matter!
    Max card length for the Antec 300 is 11.5"
  2. Wouldn't the gigbyte be cooler during CF?
  3. i have one gigabyte 6950 and it fits in my antec 300. Crossfire would be harder to fit though as if you have more than 2 hard drives it prob wont fit due to the hd enclosure generally being right next to the pci-e slots. I recommend a larger case if going crossfire as you current one will probably heat up the case like crazy.
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    samuelspark said:
    Wouldn't the gigbyte be cooler during CF?

    Coul you link them ?
    The HD 6950 Won the best purchase hammer by tom's in the HD 6950s round up.
    So for the performance it's great and for the cooling it's great as well, but really there's no much difference between it and the Sapphire one.
  5. gnomio said:

    Warranties won't be valid as I'm going to overclock/unlock to 1GB 6970.
  6. In Most cases the unlockable HD 6950s are 2 GB versions with Dual Bios Switch, and those were disappeared from the market the HD 6950 Toxic is easy unlockable but it will produce more heat and noise it's much more reference card.

    I Vote for the Sapphire edition.
  7. gnomio said:

    Go for the Toxic, it has a factory flashed 6970 bios installed, so its possible to get 6970 performance.
  8. Can't. Don't have the extra $40. $240 is max.
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