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Looking for a New Quiet Case for 75

Hello, i am looking for a quiet case for around 75 bucks. The fan noise on my Rosewill Challenger is annoying me while i do things, so I am thinking of buying a new PC case. I might be upgrading to a i5 2400, because a friend is going to upgrade from that to a i5 3570k when it comes out.I currently have an athlon x3 435 OCed to 3.6 and cooled with an cooler master hyper 212, a radeon HD 5770, Antec Earthwatts 500w PSU and a Rosewill challenger case.Thanks in advance.
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    I suggest that you mod out your fans rather than buy a new case. I'd remove the rosewill fans and replace them with Cougar fans (if the fans are 12 cm or 14 cm).
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