32 GB Rams but only 24 GB Rams are showing


Yesterday I bought sabertooth x79 with 8 dimm memory slots with 32 GB Kingston rams ( 8 x 4 ). However, after installing everything, BIOS and Win7 Pro 64 bits OS only shows 24 GB rams in total.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for any help. Much appreciated.
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    bad ram, dimm slot? Try booting with one ram at each dimm slot each time and see which dimm slot is bad, or you can run memtest
  2. Is that 8 X 4gb or 8gb X 4 configuration ???

    Also i've see Rampage board (so X79 if it's not the board you have) that need Qualified tested memory or the two inner slot (closet to the cpu) doesn't recognize any ram... Also, maybe it's a X79 problem ??!?!?! as 32gb works easily on 1155 platform...

    So make sure the ram you buyed is compatible with you motherboard, all manufacturer have a certified memory compatibility list (aka: Qualified vendor list)
  3. Thank you guys for chimming in. It is 8 GB x 4 , DDR3 1600 Mhz
    Got to test one stick at a time then.
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