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Hi, I currently have a

P67A-G43 Motherboard w/ 2500k Sandy Bridge CPU
8GB of DDR3 Ram - PGV38G1333ELK

I wanted to upgrade and put in some more RAM but I noticed that the PGV38G1333ELK are discontinued and not really sure what to do at this point.

I don't really want to replace them because I want more GB's of RAM, but same or better quality than what I have right now without spending more than maybe... 50-60$ at most.

I've been playing a lot of this game, APB Reloaded, and it is terribly optimized so it uses TONS of RAM. It hasn't been much of an issue, but I would like to have at least 16GB because it seems like 8GB is slowly becoming the minimum needed for gaming.

Do you guys think it's even worth trying if I'm only looking to spend that much?
What would you recommend? Like saving up 100-200$ and then getting some DDR3 2133MHz 16GB or even 32GB?
Any brands or specific models that are good for gaming? Is it even going to affect gaming?

Also, random question, but I got this Fry's 3-year One-Time Replacement warranty for CPU + Motherboard when I built this computer back in 2011 for about $70.

My first question is, does anyone have any experience with Fry's replacement deal?
I was under the impression that I can just take the motherboard and CPU out of my computer and take it to frys to get it replaced by something newer, would I be able to choose which CPU/Motherboard?

My second question is, do you guys think I should be upgrading it now or maybe wait about another year and if so, what should I be looking forward to?
I bought this on May 20th, 2011 so I have a little over a year to cash in on this "one-time replacement" deal.
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  1. You can get very affordable RAM (i've paid 80$ for 16gb (4x4gb) of 2133 G.skill ram and it runs perfectly a 2240 CL10 1.65V)

    You can have a 8gb kit too but i like more the idea to have matching sticks, with the same speed than have 2 different models and run them at the slowest of the 2...

    Exact model is: G Skill F3-17000CL11-4GBSR (it comes in kit of 2X4gb but if you buy them at the same place, you'll have 2 kits (40$ each) made in the same batch so they'll be correct in a quad configuration like me)
  2. Honestly 8GB is plenty for now.. get a 8GB (2x4GB) kit and pick up another later. other than that or a single 8GB stick then another 8GB stick later there isn't any 60$ option that gets you 16GB on the dot
  3. Yeah, I haven't had any issues so far, I think I'll save up and get a 16gb down the road. Thank you both!
  4. no problem. Let us know if you need further help
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