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It's generally accepted that for the sandy bridge cpu's the best chip for gaming was a maxed out i5 "there is contrary but for the most part an i5 is more than sufficient." None the less I wondering about the new chip series. Do you think an ivy bridge i5 will be equal to an ivy bridge i7? Or do you think the i7 will be better than the i5, particularly in gaming. All speculation and thoughts are welcome!


Edit here's some useful info not sure on credibility.


Release and other info,2817,2402784,00.asp
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  1. Probably a slight slight increase in performance, but it would certainly not justify an upgrade if you already own a sandy bridge cpu. It's also too early to see how they actually perform and how they overclock. It usually no good to sit around and guess how good hardware will be, just wait till it comes out.
  2. Ahh don't worry this is only between ivy bridges. I'm not buying my build until the end of april and hopefully chips will be up for purchase by then.
  3. the i5 is better and will be better than the i7 in gaming with ivybridge.
  4. i'm hearing they are toasty hot and don't OC as well, and oddly that the E0 stepping (ES) is worse that the E1 stepping (retail). though those are only rumours from the interweb. Tweaktown have a stable 3770K ES OC'd to 4.72 its at 98degC at load. The corresponding 2600K was a lot cooler. The 3570K seems to run cooler than the 3770K.

    That said, i'm still getting a 3570K, OC to 4.2-4.4GHz, it'll give me PCI-E3.0 for the 2013 GPU upgrade, and more power than I really need.
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    Since you said gaming the easy answer is i5. The i7's are essentially the exact same CPU with hyper threading enabled and since hyper threading generally does not help or sometimes hinders performance in games then the i5 it is.
  6. if you want faster speeds then just get a k series i5 and overclock it
  7. The 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors should follow the same process for naming as the 2nd generation Intel Core processors. So the Intel Core i5 processors are going to be quad core processors while the Intel Core i7 will be quad cores with hyper-threading. The biggest reason why the Intel Core i5-2500K stands up to against the Intel Core i7-2600K and above in a gaming environment is because so few games can take advantage of more than 4 threads and the big price difference between them.

    I am looking forward to building a new gaming system the new couple weeks with a new 3rd generation Intel Core i5.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  8. Awesome replies just what I was looking for, wish I could pick more "Best Answers"
    Thank you!
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