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How to move files in Windows 7

I can not figure out how to 'move' files within Windows 7? Shouldn't
there be a 'move' choice within the drop down menu? I am using
'copy and paste' to move files now to my desired folder. But then I
must go back to the original folder and delete the file from there
since it was only copied and not moved. Please tell me I am missing
something here. Thank you.
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  1. Right mouse-button down, drag to new location, release mouse button, select "Move here".
  2. Thank you ijack. That's going to take some coordination on my part. I grabbed it to drag and held it for a long time while trying to find my destination file to the left but hard to hang for long periods of times. I finally dragged it to my desktop and placed it there and then dragged it from there to the wanted folder. I miss the move toggle in XP. That was soooo easy.
  3. LOL ya, I usually get set up first, like have the source and destination folders open side by side already :)
  4. Just use Cut and Paste.
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    Rae_83 said:
    I miss the move toggle in XP.

    XP was easy;

    But Win7 is even easier IMO;
  6. Thank you everyone. The screen shots are helpful! I found 'move to folder' under the edit key as you show. It was always to the left and would drop down as I hovered in XP. Although cut & paste worked, 'cut' is so intimidating like I may never see it again! haha!(that's not funny if you lose it) :( You guys are so helpful! :)
    Thank you!
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  8. Devastator_uk said:
    Just use Cut and Paste.

    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the move choice; two actions to do one.
  9. Ijack said:
    Right mouse-button down, drag to new location, release mouse button, select "Move here".

    Hello Jack,
    I just bought a new computer and was SUPER frustrated that MS removed the "move to" option. I found your answer here and among all those listed liked your's the best. I also liked the Cut-and-Paste, but prefer "move to".
    Thank you so much!!
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