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I was just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of an article that benchmarks ECC Memory vs NON ECC memory. That, or if anyone knows off hand if there is a performance difference between the two. I am currently debating whether or not to wait for NON ECC to become available or if I should just spend an extra $5 and get a stick of ECC. (and yes my Mobo Supports ECC, it's a BE6-II). Thanks

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  1. I dont have any or know of any bench test comparing the two types of RAM. But! I was asking the same type question about a month ago, to ECC or not to ECC, I have the original BX-6 board. So I seen a link here on the board to crucial technologies ( got a phone number of thier web-site and some guy named Chad there took about 10 minutes and explained the complete ends and outs of ECC and non ECC. Base line here is if your not going to use your system as a server or huge data transfer point (one computer to several others at the sametime) then go with non-ECC. Crucial really hooked me up, got some PC-133 ram non-ECC and I havent had any troubles. And I think right now that crucial has 2nd day delivery for free as long as the order is placed over the net. I got a stick of 128mgb, CAS 2, PC-133 for 61 bucks and some change. Im not saying that crucial is the ol-mighty best of memory sellers but Ive seen great reviews here at Toms on them and they have really good prices to. Best of luck finding what u need.

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  2. ECC stands for "Error Checking and Correction" (if i remember right) Its meant for High end server applications where the slightest mistake can screw you, although it does increase system stability (Mostly Prevents GPF's) However it is noticably slower when enabled HOWEVER, you can use ECC modules and Run them at non ecc (just disable ECC in bios) and theyll work just like standard non ecc modules (no speed diference)

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  3. 1st of all, sorry for the Necromancy.
    would ECC benefit a custom Router?
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