Dell M6500 laptop CPU Upgrade

I need to replace my CPU in my M6500 laptop and I'm not 100% positive if the retail (boxed) CPU edition of i7-840QM is the same with what I have now. The CPU in m6500 has the heatsink directly on top of it no "cover" so to speak on the CPU + fan. I don't have images of the CPU "boxed" version and wanted to confirm it is identical with the one from DELL.

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  1. the 840QM will work in the M6500, is that the CPU that's in it right now?

    are you replacing it because it has failed?

    I'm surprised you were able to find a boxed retail 840QM - hard to find

  2. Yes, the current CPU is 840QM and it failed all of a sudden and I managed to find a retail box.
  3. It should be.
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